Saturday, May 7, 2011

Song of Solomon, Chapter 8: All good things...

Our heroine wishes her lover were her brother so she could kiss him in public. Do you kiss your brother in public? That's creepy. It gets worse: then she'd take him home and let him drink her pomegranate juice (v. 2) while hugging her. Yup, that's beyond the level of contact I'm comfortable with from my brother.

We find out they had sex under the same apple tree as where the hero's mother gave birth. Whether that's a real apple tree or a bed, I don't find it hot. She asks him to seal his heart and possibly get a tattoo of her to ward off jealousy.

Love is all-consuming. Only if you do it wrong. Then there's some bizarre talk about marrying off pre-menstrual girls. They decide that if she's a virgin, they'll seal her up, and if she's not, they'll seal her up. Our heroine is one of the virgins, which is why her lover takes such great delight in her. Ugh. I'm reading a book about this virginity fetishisation called 'The Purity Myth' and some of the stuff it describes is every bit as gross.

Then she's describing one of Solomon's vineyards that he lets out for the princely sum of 1000 pieces of silver. She says he can till her soil for free, and she'll even pay the keepers of fruit 200 pieces of silver for their labour. Then she commands him into the garden for some more loving.

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