Friday, May 6, 2011

Song of Solomon, Chapter 7: Are your boobs more like grapes or Bambi?

Our hero continues his weird compliments streak, telling his mistress her feet and thighs are like jewels. What, he doesn't like her calves or her knees? Her ankles aren't sexy enough? Her navel is like a goblet filled with wine and her belly like a heap of wheat surrounded by lilies. Huh? And again with the Bambi boobs. Also, her neck is like a tower, her eyes like fish ponds, and her nose... is also like a tower? I'm thinking he's operating on the 'keep her self-esteem low so she'll sleep with you' principle. He does like her hair, though.

The complements get even weirder: she has the posture of a palm tree, and her breasts are like bunches of grapes. Wait, did they have implants back then? Then he talks about climbing up her so he can fondle her breasts and smell her breath, which he imagines is like apples. I'm totally lost.

He can't wait to kiss her, or for her to go down on him, you decide which.

Then she starts talking about another outdoor tryst in the vineyard. She also mentions mandrakes, which can either mean paganism or fertility.

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