Monday, April 11, 2011

Proverbs, Chapter 28

Wicked people are like cats, fleeing even when no one's chasing them. Righteous people, on the other hand, stand firm in the face of danger. But which one is more likely to live to see another day?

Countries should have good leaders, otherwise they'll be unstable. Kind of like when Solomon succeeded the throne after his eldest brother raped one of his sisters, then his fourth brother killed the oldest one, and then his mother banded together with Nathan the prophet to have him declared king, and then his son was so inept the country got split in half. Just your average royal family, really. Also, bad rulers are like roaring lions or raging bears.

Religious people understand everything. So very many things wrong with that statement. No usury. Be afraid of god. Stupid people turn into oppressors. God, it's like religious politicians don't even read this book.

Don't be partial. People who try to get rich quick have evil eyes. Criticism apparently wins more respect than flattery. Not for me. I am completely open to flattery and would prefer never to be criticised. Trusting god makes you fat, as anyone who has ever gone to a megachurch can attest. Trusting your own judgement is foolish. So is trusting Jerry Falwell.

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