Friday, April 22, 2011

Ecclesiastes, Chapter 6: The bonfire of the vanities

Don't you hate it when god gives you stuff and then doesn't let you enjoy it? And sometimes even a stranger gets it! It's like this book was written by the Koch brothers.

A man may have a hundred kids, but if he doesn't find his calling in life or doesn't get a proper burial, he might as well have been stillborn. Of course, Jerry Falwell's bible glosses over this less-than-ringing endorsement of his family values.

The point of work is to get food and yet we're always hungry. The wise aren't better off than fools. Why learn proper conduct? Don't wallow in jealousy. Everything is decided. And that's the part of Calvinism that I've never understood: if your fate is sealed, why behave? You can't change it through right conduct, so why bother? This is Ecclesiastes' answer: we don't know what the best way to spend our time on earth is and we don't know what the future holds.

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