Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ecclesiastes, Chapter 11: Privileged children

An endorsement of exports, instructing us to send our grain to foreign markets at a profit. Of course it says nothing about imports. Then it instructs us to make sure we have diversified investment portfolios.

Then we are told that if there's a big storm and a tree falls over, it... lands and then stays there. Wow, that's some profound biblical wisdom there. And here's what Jerry Falwell has to say about these verses: 'Although man cannot comprehend god's work, nor predict success, he needs to be involved in life's activities and trust god for the results.' I can tell you one way to predict success: have a rich father.

Don't wait for perfect weather to sow or reap. Also, apparently we can never understand how babies are made or the works of god, at least, not until Life magazine publishes photos of a fetus in development. Fortunately, the bible also doubles as a Farmer's Almanac and instructs us to sow in the morning and work at handicrafts or something in the evening in hopes that one of them will yield fruit.

Sunlight rocks, so you should focus on enjoying the sunny days rather than hating the gloomy ones. Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth, but remember it's fleeting.

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