Monday, April 4, 2011

Proverbs, Chapter 24: Read the instructions first

Don't envy wicked people or hang out with them, no matter how much more fun they may seem to be than the boring bible-readers in church. You can only build a house through wisdom. And knowing how to build a house. Wise men are strong because there is safety in numbers. Weak people faint in the face of adversity.

Eat honey because it tastes good. Don't rejoice in your enemy's downfall because you might piss god off. Be afraid of god and the king. It does not say what to do if your king is Nicholas Sarkozy. Or Elvis, for that matter.

Honesty is like being kissed on the lips. When you see a lazy man's field, all covered in vines and thorns, try to take a lesson away from that.

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