Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Proverbs, Chapter 29: Do Christians who condemn homosexuality also beat their kids?

The price of ignoring rebukes is death. Respect your father, stay away from prostitutes. It does not say what to do if your father likes the ladies. If your neighbour is buttering you up, it's because he wants to buy your lot and tear down your house to make room for a Jacuzzi.

Thos annoying, happy-clappy people you sometimes see on the subway at 7am? They're the righteous. The wicked are too busy plotting traps for you and sinning. As long as they're quiet about it, especially in the mornings, I really don't care.

Fools broadcast their every thought. Then there are a couple of verses about beating your children with rods. I really must remember Proverbs the next time a sincere Christian tells me he doesn't approve of homosexuality 'because the bible says so,' and ask him if he also disciplines his kids this way, and if not, why, since there are ever so many more verses dedicated to the topic. Oh yes, and you must also beat your servants. So they learn.

If you raise your slave from childhood, he'll eventually become like your son. Especially if you sleep with his mother and she gets pregnant.

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