Sunday, June 26, 2011

Isaiah, Chapters 62 & 63: Jerusalem electrified

Chapter 62

God, or Isaiah or whoever is speaking at this point, vows not to rest until all of Jerusalem is hooked up to the electrical grid of righteousness. Then he's going to give the city a new name, which, trust me, is never a good idea. Change your address, phone number, email address, anything about yourself, and it is a massive headache that requires years of correcting people. I lived in Japan for a couple of years at the beginning of this century and people still ask me how Tokyo is. Not to mention that the new name: Hepzibah (v. 4) sucks. He also promises never to let Israel be occupied again.

Chapter 63

God's manic episode has come to an end and he's feeling smitey again, this time towards the Edomites. He taunts them that their garments are stained red because he's been stomping on them like they're in a wine press.

Then he tells us AGAIN about how god was super-nice to the Israelites and they pissed all over it and he went to war against him, but they reminded him about all that fun stuff with Moses and ask for some mercy and compassion. They would also like to know why god hardens their hearts and makes them so rebellious, which is a good question. They do not ask why they are responsible for their actions of god is in control, nor to they ask what exactly 'free will' is supposed to mean if this is true.

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