Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Isaiah, Chapters 46 & 47: God the pyromaniac

Chapter 46

Ever insecure, god insults the Chaldean and Babylonian gods, saying they're an insult to the cows that have to carry them, and can't protect their worshippers from being sold into slavery. Unlike this god, who just let it happen as a punishment, of course! He reminds the Israelites that he made them and rules them even into old age. He also informs them that he decides what the future holds and does what he wants. What he feels like doing now is calling a military leader in from the east to do his bidding.

Chapter 47

Yay! More misogyny dressed up as an insult to Babylon! This time, Isaiah compares Babylon to a defrocked princess sitting in the dust, forced to grind flour and lift up her skirts to cross rivers, so terrible will be god's justice.

He's also not going to tell them about his plan, except in this book, so when they turn to astrologers and prognosticators to figure out what's going on, they won't be of any use. And then he's going to burn them to death.

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