Saturday, June 18, 2011

Isaiah, Chapters 50 & 51

Chapter 50

Apparently at the time this book was written, you could get a certificate of divorce. Who knew? Also, the fact that you are enslaved dear reader? Totally your own fault. Oh, and god is so mad he's drying up the rivers so no one can have any fish.

Isaiah tells us he was the only person willing to listen to god, and also that he's this relaxed, hippy dude who is all about peace who turns the other cheek when you spit on it.

Chapter 51

Isaiah tells the faithful to gather 'round so he can tell them a story about how god is going to lift them up into heaven then destroy the earth while they watch. Then he'll make a whole new earth where everything will be hunky dory and no one will ever be sad or hungry or enslaved again. And if they are, well, we'll just start the whole experiment over again.

Jerusalem is apparently leaderless, and Isaiah urges them to look to god for help.

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