Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Job, Chapters 18 & 19: Who said god was fair?

Crap. Not even halfway done this boring, repetitive book.

Chapter 18

Bildad speaks again, first asking if Job thinks they're stupid. I don't know about Job, but I sure do. He informs us that the wicked are punished for their deeds and after they die no one remembers them. That's some revisionism worthy of Glenn Beck right there, folks.

Chapter 19

Job again bitches to his friends to leave him alone. I wish this book would leave me alone. He points out that if he has sinned, it's on him and accuses them of exalting themselves at his expense. He complains again that god has wronged him and won't listen to him. He complains how everyone has forgotten him and his breath offends his wife. You don't have to be cursed by god for that, buddy. Then I discover that the expression 'to escape by the skin of one's teeth' is biblical. Or at least it's in the bible. He believes his Redeemer is coming and he'll see god in the flesh. Oddly, Jerry Falwell doesn't pee his pants at yet another sign of Jesus, and thinks Job is talking about god himself here. However, every other bible commentator's excitement more than makes up for it. Never mind that Job is a Jew and Jews don't believe in Jesus. He then tells his friends that they'll get their punishment later.

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