Thursday, January 6, 2011

Job, Chapters 22-24

Chapter 22

Eliphaz asks Job what good a human can ever do for god, then accuses him of being too pious. Then he goes back to probing him for his sins: did he take clothing as security for a loan? Withhold food from the poor or water from the thirsty? Was he mean to widows and orphans? Because god would have seen that. Then he tells us again how the wicked are punished and the righteous rewarded. And again, that's exactly how it goes so often in real life. He advises Job to turn his heart to god again.

Chapter 23

Now serving: Job. He's feeling especially cranky today. He whines again that he wants to look god in the eye and ask him what he did wrong, but he can't find him. He admits god terrifies him, but won't stop talking.

Chapter 24

Job wonders why god doesn't set hearing dates, because when god isn't around, the wicked do things like steal cows and cheat widows, then kill them under cover of darkness. Is he channeling Jan Brewer? Then he changes his tune and says god punishes the wicked. The hell?

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