Sunday, January 9, 2011

Job, Chapters 25-27: Do the wicked live in Florida?

Chapter 25

A blessedly short speech by Bildad reminding us how powerful god is and how that makes it impossible for us to be innocent in his eyes and that god is the moon and we're worms. I'm not sure that comparison makes sense.

Chapter 26

Job makes fun of his friends again, then speaks in incredibly confusing metaphors about things god can do to moons and clouds and dead things. Apparently god once got angry and killed a sea monster. Then he says we're like ants on a tire in the face of god: we know something's happening, but we're too insignificant to understand it.

Chapter 27

Job vows not to lie or speak unjustly and not to concede anything to his friends. He states again, for the record, that his conscience is clear and wishes punishment on his enemies. He explains about atheists: they have no recourse when god ends their lives or sends trouble their way. Uh, Job, neither do YOU. Then he says he's going to teach us a lesson about god: the wicked have children, but not enough food. The ones that don't starve will die of plague, unmourned by their wives. They get rich, but the righteous get their money and clothes in the end. Their houses are shoddy, they die in their sleep or lose their fortunes, they live in terror and are frequently swamped by hurricanes. So the wicked live in... Florida?

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