Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Job, Chapters 30 & 31: Class warfare

Chapter 30

Job complains that people who weren't fit to join his sheepdog herd now make fun of him. Their sons even have a nickname for him though unfortunately we don't hear what it is, and they spit at him. He reminds us that he's afraid and cold and calls out to god again. God ignores him, of course, and he bitches some more about his outcast status and tells us he's a brother to dragons. Creationists everywhere pee their pants at this further evidence for their wack-a-mole version of science. Of course this situation has failed to make him self aware vis-a-vis his treatment of people like him when he was rich, he just feels sorry for himself.

Chapter 31

Job promises not to watch girls. If girls were still throwing themselves at him in this state, what did the other guys look like? He doesn't because god is still keeping count of all his sins, like lying or lusting after his neighbour's wife. He says if he ever cheated on his wife, she's free to do the same, a surprisingly modern opinion. He also claims to have treated his slaves fairly, helped the poor and widows and yada yada yada. He's a saint and he'll accept full responsibility for any accidental sins.

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