Sunday, December 19, 2010

Job, Chapters 16 & 17: Just curse god already and be done with it!

Oh. My. God. This book is 42 chapters long, 2 interesting ones, then a slog through 40 pages of tedious 'debate.' I find myself wishing that Job would just curse god already and be done with it.

Chapter 16
Job calls his friends out on their crappiness, and asks why they're so long-winded and refuse to let him have the last word. Takes one to know one, there, pot. He says if their positions were reversed, he would comfort them, which I find is seldom actually true.

Then he starts pissing and moaning to god again about how shitty his life is now. Apparently he's lost a lot of weight, and I wonder if I can start a new diet craze? Cursed by god, I'd call it. Also, people are making fun of his appearance. Good to know we've advanced as a civilization. But he still prays! He asks for a mediator again.

Chapter 17

Job is close to death. Not for another 25 chapters at least, buddy. He asks god to mediate for him. Then he starts insulting his 'friends', challenging them to keep the argument going. See the previous chapter.

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