Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Job, Chapters 12-14: Speaking truth to god

Chapter 12

Job starts up his rebuttal, reminding us that we like to laugh at others' misfortunes. True 'nuff that. He also points out that while he's being punished, criminals are going scot-free and your fate is up to god.

Chapter 13

Job starts asking for a hearing with god again. First he challenges his friends to take god's part, then points out no one can fool the big guy and decides he needs a face-to-face chat. He challenges anyone to prove his sin, on pain of death. He only asks god for two things: to heal him and stop being scary. Then he challenges god directly. No answer.

Chapter 14

Job reminds us of the temporality of human life and asks god to leave us alone for the duration, pointing out even plants regrow, but when we kick the can, that's it. He wishes god would forgive his sins and says he'll just sit there, scratching, until his time is up, then he'll be forgotten, as we all will. If our children triumph, we won't know it. What a downer!

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