Thursday, December 16, 2010

Job, Chapter 15: Who's that windbag?

Eliphaz calls Job a windbag. True, but who in this book isn't? Then he says he's impious and a liar. Then he says Job doesn't listen to god. Dude, no one can listen to god at this point because he isn't speaking. He asks who died and made Job so smart that he knows better than god, but also what makes him so angry. He points out that god has no faith in angels and that even heaven is impure, let alone man. Which puts me even more on the side of Christopher Hitchens.

Then he starts his received wisdom, which is that wicked people suffer and wander around in fear, cursing god. They are apparently also fat, which does not bode well for the US, and resort to squatting. He claims they lose their fortunes quickly and don't have kids.

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