Sunday, October 2, 2011

Obadiah, Chapter 1: The perfect length for this book

I'm deep in the back 40 of the Old Testament right now, adrift in a sea of minor prophets, only one of whom anybody has ever heard of. FYI, that's Jonah, the guy who lived in a whale for 3 days, a fact Evangelicals will twist themselves into knots to prove, but that's the next entry. For now we've got Obadiah, all 21 verses of him. Would that all bible books were this short.

And what is Obadiah's minor prophesy? War with the Edomites, who have been getting a tad big for their britches recently. This time he's going to single out the wise and learned men, though he's planning to kill everyone. Why? For being mean to Jacob, even though that's just how brothers ARE to each other. At some point in his rant, the locus of god's anger shifts, and he decides that punishing the Edomites isn't enough and he also needs to punish the tribes of Jacob and Joseph as well. How? Fire, then war and exile. But in the end, the land will return to god.

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