Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2 Chronicles, Chapters 10-16

A repeat of the whole Jeroboam-Rehoboam soap opera from Kings.

Chapter 10

Rehoboam asks the old and young men for advice. He takes the advice of the young men: go to war. The civil war starts with a stoning.

Chapter 11

Rehoboam builds up his defenses, and has a lot of kids, though not proportional to the number of wives. He has 18 official wives and 60 concubines, yet somehow between the seventy-eight of them, they only have twenty-eight sons and sixty daughters. They must have gone through Midol like it was candy.

Chapter 12

The king of Egypt attacks and Shemiah the prophet says it's because they disobeyed god. So they humble themselves and god decides not to destroy them, but to enslave them instead.

Chapter 13

The next king, Abijah, gets into a spat with the enemy Israelites and kills 500 000 of them. He has 14 wives and 38 children, which is better than his father, but not great.

Chapter 14

Asa, the next king, cuts down the pagan groves and kills a million Africans.

Chapter 15

Asa decides to kill all the non-believers, talk about your conversion by sword! But not his mother. She had a grove to Baal, but he only dethrones her, he doesn't kill her.

Chapter 16

Asa has some more battles. More interestingly, he gets some kind of foot disease. He gets doctors to look at it, but god gets angry. Somehow, I doubt many Christians are still following this advice, despite their great love of the verses on homosexuality.

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