Friday, October 22, 2010

1 Chronicles, Chapters 22-27

Chapter 22

David gathers all the materials to build a temple, but doesn't build it on god's orders, because he's shed too much blood. Rather, Solomon is to build it. Snore.

Capter 23

David does a census and isn't punished. Then he divvies up the priestly jobs amongst the Levites. Then there's a long genealogy. Snore.

Chapter 24

Another genealogy, this time of Aaron's descendants. Snore.

Chapter 25

Another genealogy. Someone named his son Romamtiezer.Too bad there was no child protective services.

Chapter 26

One family is given the honour of guarding the various gates to the city. To decide who gets what gate, they cast lots. This is seriously the most interesting thing that has happened in like, 5 chapters. Other families get other duties involving the treasury and military commissions.

Chapter 27

Every month, a new family gets to provide 24 000 clerks and administrators. Imagine the bureaucratic nightmares that must have caused. Farming jobs are handed out. Snore.

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