Saturday, October 23, 2010

2 Chronicles, Chapters 1-4

Just 2 more books to slog through before I get back to books people have actually heard of. Of course, then there are like, 10 that most Christians probably haven't read. Habakkuk, anyone? Nahum?

Chapter 1

Solomon marches all the Israelites out into the wilderness so they can get high on 'shrooms make sacrifices to god. God likes the smell of barbecue and asks Solomon what reward he would like. He humbly asks to be a wise ruler. God gives him that, as well as riches, which he uses to go on an Egyptian shopping spree.

Chapter 2

Solomon builds the temple, using 150 000 or so workers for the task. Where does he get the labourers? He takes a census of the foreigners, then drafts them. That's right. The temple was made with forced labour. He asks his neighbours for help, offering food and oil in exchange. They willingly offer their services.

Chapter 3

A detailed, boring description of the temple, which we've already had on several occasions. It's all covered in gold. It's tacky. Moving on.

Chapter 4

A description of the furnishings of the temple. In a word: tat.

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