Sunday, October 3, 2010

2 Kings, Chapter 24

The descent of the Israelites.

The puppet king installed by the Egyptian pharaoh rebels and is invaded by the Chaldees, Syrians, Moabites and Ammonites with god's blessing, all because of Manasseh, whom, you will recall, is dead. So these would be his descendents being punished here. Despite all those verses that say you shouldn't do that. Then he dies and his son takes over.

The Egyptians leave Israel, but only because they've been losing one part of a 2-front war against the Babylonians. The king lasts 3 months before the Babylonians invade. He tries to stave them off with shiny gifts, but the king takes them all off to Babylon, except for the very poorest, who stay behind to tend the fields. The Babylonian king installs his uncle as ruler of Israel, until god makes him rebel and the Babylonians return.

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