Monday, October 4, 2010

2 Kings, Chapter 25

Yes! An end to this endless series of regicides and invasions. On to Chronicles, which is... the second draft of the same book. Pooh.

Anyway, the king of Babylon finally conquers Israel by besieging Jerusalem for almost two years and starving the people out. The army flees out one gate, the king another. The Chaldees catch the king in Jericho and bring him to Babylon, kill his sons in front of him, then put out his own eyes.

Then the king of Babylon implements a scorched-earth policy for Jerusalem. He then rounds up the remnants of the army and brings them back. Only the poorest are left to tend to the fields. The Chaldees then pillage whatever's left. All the priests and scribes are executed.

One of the king's captains is left to govern the pathetic ruins. He tries to ingratiate himself with the remaining rulers, but they assassinate him anyway. This causes people to flee to Egypt, so afraid are they of the Babylonians' wrath.

Some time later, a new king ascends the Babylonian throne. He frees the Israelite king, but only so he can humiliate him further, giving him a seat at the table and an allowance, like a pet with a credit card.

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