Monday, March 31, 2014

Tobit, Chapter 7: Worst. Wedding. EVER.

Tobias and the angel finally arrive at Raguel's house. Sara opens the door and she and Tobias check each other out but for all this book is about the importance of kinship, he doesn't introduce himself. Sara's father comments to his wife Edna that Tobias looks a lot like his cousin, and asks him where he's from. Tobias is evasive, only giving his tribal affiliation and current address. Raguel asks if they know Tobit and if he's in good health, which is when Tobias finally introduces himself. This makes Raguel cry. When Tobias explains about the blindness, Edna and Sara also start to cry. Then the five of them barbecue and eat an entire sheep, at which point Tobias is ready to get married, so he asks the angel to explain about how he owns his cousin and therefore gets to marry her.

Of course, Raguel doesn't bat an eye, but fortunately there's an entire gif montage that was just made for this book:

No, Raguel's concern is not about a random weirdo showing up and claiming the right to marry his daughter. He's totally on board with that, it's just that the last seven dudes all died the minute they tried to have sex with her. He encourages Tobias to drink up, but Tobias is no longer interested in being a good guest and says that until they come to an agreement, he's not eating or drinking anything.

At that, Raguel relents and tells Sara she's marrying this guy she met 5 seconds ago and moving to a new country with him. Then they have supper. Next, he instructs his wife to bring in some paper so he can make up a marriage contract, and also to prepare a bridal suite in one of the spare bedrooms. Edna takes her poor daughter into the room to get ready and tells her to close her eyes and think of England.

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