Sunday, March 9, 2014

2 Esdras, Chapter 14: Candleheart

A few days later, Esdras is sitting under a tree, which starts talking to him. God reminds us that he also spoke to Moses from a bush, and reminds Esdras to take notes on what he's seen and heard, because soon he's going to join Jesus' entourage and then the wold is going to end, because it isn't the spring chicken it once was.

At some point, god divided the world into 12 parts. Ten and a half of those parts have gone and died. So he tells Esdras to get his affairs in order and hector people to repent before that part and a half is used up. Esdras agrees, but is concerned about who will harangue the future people, since at some point apparently the law got burnt. He wants god to send down the holy ghost so he can write all this down.

God tells him to gather the people together so he can tell them to leave him alone for 40 days. In that time, he's supposed to take box trees to Sarea, Dabria, Selemia, Ecanus and Asiel. When he gets back, god will light a candle of understanding in his heart until he finishes writing. God will specify which of the writing is public and which is for the priests.

Esdras gathers the people so he can berate them and offer them 40 days of respite. He takes five men to the field with him. In the morning, the angel tells him to open his mouth and drink. The cup is full of fire-coloured liquid that makes him understand and remember. He starts yapping constantly, and the other dudes write it down, but only during the day. At night they eat bread, but Esdras prattles on. At the end of 40 days, they've produced 204 books, which are probably of the excellent quality you'd expect when someone writes a book a day for nearly six weeks. God tells him he can put the first book in the library, but the last 70 books are only for the priests.

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