Sunday, March 16, 2014

2 Esdras, Chapter 16: Can we go to Paradise Island?

God's, or possibly Esdras' hate list today includes Babylon, Egypt and Syria. He urges the residents to dress in hair shirts and sackcloth and prepare for swords, fire, plagues, lions, arrows, thunderstorms, earthquakes and tidal waves. Esdras can't wait.

We're told that food will be cheap, but people will still starve and no one will be around to bury them, nor will there be anyone to till the fields. In fact, cities will be reduced to 10 residents and you know it will be the most annoying ones, the people who go out onto their balconies and shout insults down the phone at 2am or who play club music all. afternoon.

The virgins will 'mourn' at the lack of bridegrooms, as will the women and the daughters, because the mans will die in the wars and famines. Which is how you know whoever wrote this was a man, because Paradise Island sounds awesome. Pregnant women will give birth and immediately have pain in their uteruses, which seems both prurient and gratuitous.

Esdras tells us all to quit our jobs, since the world is ending and god apparently hates employment more than anything. He also warns that a bunch of infidels will invade and kill the believers, but not to worry, god's still on your side. 

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