Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mark, Chapter 14

The priests and scribes are fed up with Jesus and gather to find some pretext to have him arrested and killed. The only stipulation is that it can't be on the day of the Passover feast, lest it spoil anyone's supper.

Meanwhile, Jesus et al. gather at Simon the leper's house for dinner. A particularly aggressive department store perfume sprayer approaches and dumps the entire bottle over Jesus' head. The disciples are in high dudgeon, not only because now they can't smell their meals, but also because the oil could have been sold and the money given to the poor. Jesus is cool with it, and explains that there will always be poor people, but his death is coming up very shortly, and this woman is just a bit over-enthusiastic in her funeral preparations. He says they should spread the word of her deed after his death.

Meanwhile, Judas, repelled by the smell, has sneaked off and made a deal with the priests to betray Jesus.

The next day, the disciples ask Jesus where he wants to eat for Passover. He tells them to go into the city and find a guy carrying a pitcher of water. That guy will lead them to the proper place. Are they eating in a speakeasy? Why not just give them an address?

Anyway, at dinner Jesus informs them that one of them has betrayed him. The brain trust has no idea who, and they all ask themselves if they're the ones what done it. Jesus then tells them the bread is his flesh and the wine is his blood, which serves to put everybody off their food. So they head up to the Mount of Olives where he makes a few more predictions about how the rest of the evening is going to go: he's going to get hit A LOT, then he'll go on to Galilee after he dies. Peter will deny him 3 times.

They wander into the garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus asks all the disciples save Peter, James and John to stay behind. Once inside, he asks them to hang out while he goes and prays. He comes back an hour later and finds them asleep. He rouses them, only to go back and pray alone some more. Again, they fall asleep. The third time, he leaves them be, because the betrayal has begun. Judas appears with some soldiers and says he'll identify Jesus with a kiss on the cheek.

One of the disciples that is with Jesus tries to stop the soldiers, and even cuts off someone's ear, but most of them flee. One flees so hard he forgets his robe and runs off naked.

Jesus is lead to the high priest's chamber. Peter follows and huddles around the fire with the other slaves. The priest has gathered plenty of people with evidence against Jesus, but none of it adds up. The priest gets frustrated and finally asks Jesus if he's the Christ. He cops to it, and adds that soon he'll be ruling all of them from heaven. This is considered enough to convict him of blasphemy. They start to beat him.

Back at the fire, Peter denies Jesus three times.

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