Thursday, March 31, 2011

Proverbs, Chapter 21: Real estate and the angry wife

The king's heart is in god's hands, and god turns it like a river. Consistency is over-rated, especially in government. It's better to live in a teeny tiny 9th floor cold water walkup apartment than to live in a mansion with a contentious wife. As someone who lives in a teeny tiny first-floor walkup, I disagree, especially if the mansion has a pool and plenty of storage space.

Today we like poor people again, so ignoring them is bad and will mean that when you've fallen on hard times, people will likewise ignore you. Giving secret gifts makes people forgive you. In my case, secret chores fulfill the same function. Just people like to judge, which seems counterintuitive.

Loving wine and oil will not make you rich. But they're much more fun than water and salad, so you'll be happy anyway. Hmm, it would appear that today's fishwife is yesterday's poor person. Because in verse 19 we're informed it's also better to go and live in the wilderness than with an angry woman.

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