Sunday, February 13, 2011

Psalms 81-85: Stalking god through the Psalms

Psalm 81

It's a feast day, so everybody should eat, drink and be merry whilst remembering the awful, awful consequences of not loving god enough.

Psalm 82

God reminds us that he won't let us into heaven until we've helped orphans and poor people. But why are they poor god? Huh?

Psalm 83

The enemies are at the gate, so Asaph prays to god to do unto them as he has done to many of Israel's past enemies.

Psalm 84

Asaph loves church/synagogue/temple, whatever it is that they're calling it these days. He'd take any job there, including doorman, just so he could spend more time with god.

Psalm 85

Asaph wonders, not for the first time, how long god is going to keep giving him the silent treatment. And not for the first time, he fails to get an answer.

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