Saturday, February 5, 2011

Psalms 51-55

Psalm 51

David feels guilty, though not enough to confess his sins to us. The only thing he'll admit to is that his mother conceived him in sin (v. 5). She had sex ya'll. Anyway, David wants to be washed with hyssop and made whiter than snow (v. 8) and have all his broken bones mended.

Suddenly, David tells us that god doesn't want sacrifices anymore. I rub my eyes, thinking by some miracle I've reached the New Testament without noticing, but no, this verse may have been written later on, but it's still in the Old. Damn.

Psalm 52

David, going all the way back to one of the many massacres in 1 Samuel, reproaches Deog, who killed a bunch of priests on Saul's orders in chapter 22. David accuses him of lying, which is pretty rich, considering, and says god's going to kill him for that and good people will laugh at him.

Psalm 53

David laments the sinning sinners and tells us god looked down and didn't see a single good person among us. Cheering! And not at all an impossible standard to live up to!

Psalm 54

David asks god to smite his enemies. Again. Seriously, like Proust this book would be much better if it were, say, 1500 pages shorter.

Psalm 55

David wants to go camping and get away from his enemies. Oh, and while he's gone, could god please destroy the cities, which are full of wickedness, deceit, sorrow and mischief? Especially this one guy who pretended to be his friend and even went to pray with him, but then somehow turned out to be false? Could he just kill all those people and send them to hell? Kthanksbye.

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