Sunday, February 27, 2011

Psalms 126-130: How full is your quiver?

Psalm 126

During one of the Israelites' many periods in exile, the psalmist asks god to restore them to their rightful land.

Psalm 127

I'm always surprised by the verses that wacky extremists seize on. So this psalm, despite being only 5 verses long, packs a lot into a short space. First it informs us that if your house or city isn't god-approved, there's no point building it. Nor is there any point in getting up early, working hard, and going to bed late, because if god doesn't like you, you won't get to eat. Then it tells us to have kids. Like 20+. Because they're a reward from god. Career? Travel? Art? Books? Nope. Why? Because they didn't exist when this book was written.

Psalm 128

More on the theme of fearing god: if you do, your vines will be plentiful, as will your wife's womb. Yet another thing to blame the women for. Oh, and you'll live long enough to see your grandchildren.

Psalm 129

A lot of metaphors about using gardening implements on your enemies. It's very Cohen brothers.

Psalm 130

Whoops! God has stopped opening and closing wombs and is ignoring the psalmist again.

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