Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Psalms 61-65

Psalm 61

God save the king!

Psalm 62

More threats to enemies, all of which will be carried out by god. I'm quaking in my boots. Also, don't extort money or steal and if you are rich, don't get too attached.

Psalm 63

David wants god to feed his enemies to the foxes.

Psalm 64

If you don't praise god, he'll shoot you with an arrow. Is that clear? It's not conversion by the sword, dammit, it's by the arrow.

Psalm 65

Everyone is afraid of god, even sailors out at sea and people living on remote mountaintops.

Then the psalm changes abruptly to the voice of a farmer praising god for all the bountifulness of the earth: irrigation, fertile soil, rain, corn and sheep.

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