Friday, February 11, 2011

Psalms 71-75: Introducing Asaph the angry ant

Psalm 71

It's still David talking for now, whining about how he hit the 'Like' button on God's Facebook page the minute he came out of the womb, so it's not fair of god to forget him now that he's old. Huh. I always thought it was only modern Western societies that ignored the decrepit. Who knew it had biblical roots?

Anyway, David talks a lot about how much he talks about god, which must be even more irritating than people who won't shut up about their preferred deity.

Psalm 72

Another Psalm asking god to bless the king so he can strongarm them into belief praise him to the people. Also, that way the king will get more land and tributes from other kings and stuff, which I suspect is what David really wants out of this relationship.

Psalm 73

The beginning of Asaph's section. He starts off by admitting that he used to envy the wicked, because they die strong and firm, untroubled, healthy, proud, fat (in the days when being fat was a good thing) and rich. Um, what is so awesome about being righteous, again?

Anyway, Asaph is now questioning why he's spent all this time being Charlie Church and getting sick, until one day he saw that the wicked are actually in torment and the error of his ways.

Psalm 74

Now god is turning a blind eye to the fact that people are cutting up his temples with axes and setting them on fire. That's a pretty serious throw down, there. But no one has heard from him for awhile. Not since Exodus, really, when he was bashing dragons' and leviathans' heads together. But now Asaph calls on him to return and make his people unashamed of believing in him. Good luck with that.

Psalm 75

Asaph taunts the wicked, saying god will wring them out like the dregs in a glass of wine and cut off their horns.

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