Friday, February 4, 2011

Psalms 46-50: Men in labour

Psalm 46

God helps us in times of natural disaster. Right. I don't know if anybody noticed that even good Christian houses get knocked flat during the disasters mentioned just in this chapter: earthquakes, mudslides, hurricanes and volcanic eruptions.

Next, David talks about a utopic place where he plans to build a temple. Then finally he claims god is peaceful and breaks weapons and burns chariots, which just seems like a wasteful way to increase your military budget.

Psalm 47

Aw, David feels like singing and wants us to be his back-ups.

Psalm 48

David talks more about his holy city. When a group of kings passed by it, they saw how perfect it was, but also felt fear and the same pains as women in labour feel. That's right there in verse 6. They were so afraid they had to leave. David then invites god to come and inspect the city.

Psalm 49

David reminds us that the winner of the rat race is still a rat who can't even bribe god to let his brother into heaven. I'm sure the worlds billionaires cry all the way to their gigayachts over that one.

Psalm 50

Yay! One third finished!

David thinks his people are ready to be judged, because they've been sacrificing a lot lately. He then promises that if the barbecuing continues apace, god will help them out in times of trouble. The wicked, however, will be rebuked sharply and possibly ripped to pieces. So much for that peaceful god from a couple of verses ago.

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