Thursday, February 18, 2010

Exodus Chapters 35-40

Chapter 35

The rules for the sabbath. First of all working on the sabbath, even to kindle a fire, is punishable by death. Then he starts asking for donations. Strangely, they are the same things he's supposed to build the temple with: gold, silver, brass, purple, blue and red linen, ram and badger skin, acacia wood, oil for the lamps, spices for the anointing oil, and stones for the ephod (breastplate for the priests). He also asks for volunteer builders, carpenters and seamstresses, which is odd since god specified who was to build everything a couple of chapters ago. So they go and bring back all the required goods, including the gold they 'borrowed' from their Egyptian neighbours that was left over from the golden calf. Moses calls on Bezaleel, who is from the tribe of Judah (and probably married to one of his daughters) and Aholiab, from the tribe of Dan (and probably one of his nephews) and tells them to build the temple.

Chapter 36

The workers set to building, and the people start bringing stuff. They actually bring too much, and Moses has to call them off. The rest of the chapter painstakingly details every step of the work. This book is a snore compared to Genesis.

Chapter 37

Another long description of how Bezaleel made all the furnishings for inside the temple, including the ark of the covenant. Jerry goes gaga for the candlestick, estimating its worth at 34 000 dollars (no, he doesn't say where he got that figure) and praising it as a sign of the pre-incarnate Christ, because Jesus is the True Light. Somehow, I think Jerry is one of those people who sees the face of Jesus burned onto his toast in the morning. Just a hunch.

Chapter 38

Bezaleel builds the alter and the court. Ithamar, Aaron's son, writes it all down, including the value. Jerry very helpfully calculates the cost at 27 million dollars, which is probably pretty cheap for a church.

Chapter 39

They make the robes and accessories for the priests. Finally, the tabernacle is done, so they take it to Moses who is happy.

Chapter 40

God tells them to set the temple up on the first day of the second month. They do, and Aaron, his sons and Moses wash their feet. Bet you thought they'd fuck it up and get killed didn't you? I was on the edge of my seat. God comes down and promises to live in the tent with them, though I suspect he will continue to only speak to Moses. He comes in the form of a cloud, so the people know that if it's foggy in the morning, they can stay put, but if it's clear, they have to move again. That must have been annoying.

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