Monday, February 15, 2010

Exodus Chapter 29

First, they have to bring a bullock (young bull) and two perfect rams.

Then they have to ritually dress Aaron and his sons in the garments from the last chapter.

Then they have to bring the bullock in front of the congregation and kill it ritually. First, they have to bleed it. Then take the fat and the internal organs and burn them. They have to burn the meat, skin and dung away from the camp to absolve their sins. Then they have to kill the first ram and cut it up and burn it.

When they kill the second ram they have to put blood on their ears, thumbs and big toes, then sprinkle it around. Then they have to mix it with oil and sprinkle it on Aaron and co. Then they have to cut it up and take some bread and oil and wafers and wave it around and burn it. Then they have to wave the breast around. Then they have to heave the shoulder.

Aaron's robe will be passed on to his sons.

Finally, they get to eat the burnt offerings, but they can't share it with strangers. Rather, they have to burn leftovers. They have to repeat this for seven days, and make sure to clean the altar every time. Is this not wasteful? They also have to kill two lambs a day. One in the morning, along with flour, oil and wine, then again in the evening. They have to do this in perpetuity to remind themselves of the glory of god.

Now, of course Jerry and his followers don't think they have to do any of this, because if something in the New Testament contradicts something in the Old Testament, the New Testament shall be taken as the correct version, even though this entire thing is the word of god. But do bear in mind as this book gets more and more gory that these same people who accept a book that advocates carving up animals and throwing the blood at each other want to ban kissing in films.

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