Saturday, February 13, 2010

Exodus, Chapter 27

First, god gives instructions for the altar. Not a normal altar like you or I might see if we went into a church, where the priest stands and gives his sermons. No, an alter for making sacrifices. Here's what Jerry has to say about that: The position of this altar near the entrance of the main court indicates very clearly the absolute necessity for blood atonement before real fellowship can be initiated with an infinitely holy God. The slaughter of animals was a vivid reminder to Israel that sin indeed requires a high price.

Fortunately, unlike the ancient Israelites, Jerry means 'blood atonement' in the sense of 'Jesus' blood', the wine (or in stricter churches, grape juice) you drink that supposedly absolves you of sin. Whew. Unfortunately, he is still refusing to believe that they had a different world view than him, and that the idea of a 'fellowship with god' wasn't going to come along until around about the sixteenth century for some, and still doesn't exist for say, Catholics.

Then there are some instructions for the court yard of the temple, pillars and hangings. Still lots of garish colours and precious metals. Finally, a lamp, which Aaron and his sons are to keep burning at all times. That's why his descendants, the kohanim, or Cohens, still have a special role in Judaism.

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