Friday, January 22, 2010

Genesis Chapter 39

We're back on Joseph, who has been sold to Potiphar, who according to my bible, is the captain of the Pharaoh's guard, but according to other translations, he's also a eunuch, which makes what happens in this chapter more understandable.

Joseph flourishes as Potiphar's slave, supposedly because the lord is with him, but I suspect at least part of it is that he's stopped tattling and telling everyone about his self-serving dreams. Anyway, pretty soon Joseph is the chief overseer, and Potiphar trusts him so much that he knew not aught he had, save the bread which he did eat (v. 6) which explains how a slave can become a prosperous man (v. 2): he's robbing him blind. Verse six also tells us Joseph is a studmuffin.

Unsurprisingly, Potiphar's wife notices him and orders him to sleep with her. Not that I blame her, what with her husband being a eunuch, but if she gets pregnant, isn't he going to figure it out pretty quickly? Joseph refuses, saying Potiphar trusts him, and it's a sin. She keeps at it, trying to wear him down, and of course it doesn't work. Who wants to be badgered into sex? Finally, one day when all the other men are out, she tries to tackle him to the ground which he so isn't into, and he runs away, but leaves his coat in her hands. Like many a woman scorned, she takes the coat to the other men and tells them Joseph tried to rape her. She tells Potiphar the same story, and he gets angry. He puts Joseph in prison. God intervenes again and makes the warden like him. Soon Joseph is the head of the prisoners and it prospers.

Now, this is pure speculation, but is anyone else's gaydar pinging here? Joseph wears a girls coat. Then he is the first man to refuse sex, after we've seen other men engage in incest, adultery, prostitution, sex with slaves and polygamy. Then he's the only man in the house. Now he's in prison, happy as a clam. Anyone else get a vibe?

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