Friday, August 15, 2014

Ecclesiasticus, Chapters 10 & 11: Keep hold of your bowels

Chapter 10

Should you become a judge against Solomon's advice, that's cool, but not as cool as being a believer. Still, if you must, make sure your government is well-ordered. Even if your king isn't great, though, just be patient because god will eventually give you good rulers. God's favourite people are scribes.

Now some general life advice: don't be jealous or prideful or another people will steal your kingdom. Also, there is not a more wicked thing than a covetous man: for such a one setteth his own soul to sale; because while he liveth he casteth away his bowels (v. 9) The beginning of pride, and thus auto-disembowelment, is turning away from god. Then you'll immediately start sinning, which will cause god to make your life calamitous. He's been known to do this to arrogant kings and princes and put meek commoners on the throne. Just, you know, no one you've ever heard of, because he erased their names from the history books.  Further life advice includes an admonition to no be angry and to obey the laws.

Don't hate people who are smart but poor or elevate sinners. If the smart person is a slave, treat him like he's free, because then when he's actually free, he won't resent you. Don't brag, especially if you're actually broke. It's much better to be poor, because then people will honour you for your skills, whereas rich people are honoured for their wealth. But only by other people. God will reverse the situation.

Everyone dies, even kings, and when they die, they inherit creepy things like beasts and worms.

Chapter 11

Wisdom will elevate you. So will social connections and family money. Don't compliment handsome men or shun ugly ones, because... bees are cute and flies are ugly? There is a comparison there, but it's weird. Don't tell people who made your clothes because god hides his works rather than putting it on his head like a damned shoe hat. Also, many kings have been deposed and honourable men enslaved. Especially on Game of Thrones.

Don't blame people until you know the whole truth. Don't interrupt. Don't get involved in other people's disputes. Haste makes waste. All discrepancies in income or success are because of god. Believing in him will make you rich. Don't bitch about your situation. Remember that one unpleasant hour can make you forget what pleasure is, but god is ever-vigilant.

Don't invite everyone you meet into your house, because soon it won't be your house anymore. Children are the future.

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