Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Numbers, Chapters 17 & 18

Chapter 17

More magic tricks! This time, god tells Moses to tell the heads of all the households to make a walking stick and write their names on them. On the Levites' stick, he's to put Aaron's name. He puts them all on the altar, and in the morning, almond flowers are blossoming out of Aaron's rod! Wow! If killing thousands of people by burning them, opening up the earth to swallow them, or plaguing them doesn't work, say it with flowers! Of course it doesn't shut the Israelites up.

Chapter 18

God puts the Levites in charge of the tabernacle, but only Aaron can touch the holy things without dying. He also gets the choice offerings from every sacrifice: meat, bread, wine, the 5 shekels to redeem a firstborn son. They aren't allowed to own land, but instead the other tribes have to give the Levites 10 percent of their wealth. Nope, this system isn't corrupt and self-serving at all, not one bit! Good thing god killed all those people who complained about Moses and Aaron elevating themselves above the rest a couple of chapters ago!

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