Thursday, March 25, 2010

Deuteronomy, Chapters 14-16

Chapter 14

God really dislikes unibrows, because he tells us not to shave between our eyebrows or cut ourselves for the dead, because people from other religions do that. Then we get a repeat of the "clean" and "unclean" animals. No eating animals that died in the field, although they can be given to strangers, and no boiling a kid goat in its mother's milk. Then a reminder to tithe and sacrifice.

Chapter 15

Every seven years, debts are to be forgiven. Jerry of course links this to Jesus, his forgiveness of the poor and helpless, for those of you on the fence as to the quality of his biblical scholarship. Foreigners are not forgiven.

A reminder to be nice to the poor and to free Hebrew slaves every 7 years, and to give them wine and meat on their departure. If they refuse, you can pierce their ears and keep them forever. Finally, the firstlings of the flock are not to be put to work but are to be sacrificed and eaten, even by the unclean.

Chapter 16

A reminder of what to do during feasts. During those feasts, all men have to appear before god without an offering, however humble.

Judges and priests should endeavor to be impartial and should not take bribes. No trees near altars, and no graven images.

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