Saturday, March 20, 2010

Deuteronomy, Chapter 4

Moses is still talking, but he has at least changed topics. Now he's on to why the Israelites should obey god. As if snakes, earthquakes or plagues aren't enough.

First, he tells them that whatever is in this hot mess of a book has to stay in it. No editing! Hence we're stuck with chapters like the first 3 for all time. Of course Jerry Falwell does not point to anything in the New Testament that negates this verse.

Next, he reminds them of how god destroyed the people who changed their loyalties to Baal-peor.

He reminds them of the laws laid down, how they're the sign of a wise and just god (?) and must be kept for all time. Nope, nothing from Jerry as to why this isn't so.

He reminds them of the commandments, especially not to make graven images, and Jerry fails to explain why photo albums and sculpture are now allowed. Anyone who does so will cause the entire nation to be wiped out. Jerry is mum. And says again that it's their fault he isn't going to the holy land.

He makes a final case for monotheism, then designates the 'cities for refuge' discussed earlier.

It's even more rambling and incoherent than his speeches in the first 3 chapters.

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