Friday, May 30, 2014

The Wisdom of Solomon, Chapters 7-10: A clever wife often sleeps with a stupid husband

Chapter 7

Solly was born a baby, but at some point he discovered wisdom and made it his bitch. He swears he shares all of his knowledge with anyone who wants to know, though he is failing to prove that claim so far in this book and in his other book he tried to cut a baby in half. He claims to know how the world was made and how its elements work, like how the sun and seasons turn and astronomy and animal behaviourism and anemology (the study of wind) and botany. Of course he only makes claims, he doesn't back any of them up.

Chapter 8

Solomon is so smart he once tried to marry wisdom, then just to live with her when she said no. He claims he's respected and honoured by his people even though he's young. They listen when he talks  and it's nothing to do with his being the king.

He thinks wisdom will make him immortal, and not the baby-slicing incident. It's also going to make him a good solider, probably because armies will get tired of his jabbering and surrender. Alas for the rest of us, wisdom is something god has to give you, along with your crown.

Chapter 9

Solomon thanks god some more for making him so wise he can't share one interesting tidbit of information he's gleaned.

Chapter 10

Solomon reminds us of all the times wisdom helped people in the Old Testament. Noah, Lot, Jacob, Joseph, Moses. Of course, he doesn't mention how god set up all those scenarios.

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