Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ecclesiasticus, Chapters 47-51: 'Wisdomed' out

Chapter 47

Now we hear more about David, who played with lions and bears, which is why he was able to kill Goliath. And of course he never passed up an opportunity to literally sing god's praises. Funnily enough, even though this book was supposedly written by Solomon, he now writes about himself in the third person. He does not forget to praise himself for being wise. He credits god with creating peace so he could build the temple. But of course the good times didn't last and Solomon somehow begat an idiot son called Roboam, who was the first of three bad kings who were all punished.

Chapter 48

All was saved by Elias, who raised the dead and traveled on a whirlwind of fire. His successor was Eliseus, who was unimpressed by princes and whose body kept talking after he died, which is not surprising, considering he never shut up while he as alive. Also, this book has a zombie fixation. Then there were some decent kings and god rewarded them by smiting the Assyrians.

Chapter 49

The next really good king was Josias. All the others were defective somehow, mostly by burning down the temple or the city around it. Then there were a bunch of other kings, the most notable of whom was Neemias, who built the temple again and was honoured for it.

Chapter 50

Next we hear about Simon, a priest in the temple. We get the odd detail that he covered the cistern with brass, but not why that's significant. Further, he was good at sacrifices and preaching.

Chapter 51

The last chapter of this godforsaken book is a prayer by yet another Jesus. He thanks god for giving him wisdom for free.

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