Monday, December 3, 2012

2 Corinthians, Chapters 5 & 6: Watch out for people walking by faith

Chapter 5

It doesn't matter if your life sucks here on earth, if you're homeless, naked and sick, because soon you'll die and go to heaven, where you'll have nice things. Also, faithful people walk by faith, not by sight (v. 6). 

You have to be good, because after you die, Jesus is going to judge you and he's terrifying. Or god is, but since they're all one, it's also Jesus. If christians are acting all crazy, it's because of god, but if they're normal, it's because they want to save you. Either way, it's all controlled by Jesus. 

Christians are to stop considering other people from a worldly perspective. Even though they once did that with Jesus, they have to stop. Also, Jesus was made in sin, which somehow absolved all the actual sinners.

Chapter 6

There's no waiting! You have to choose salvation now or never. But no pressure or anything. The apostles won't put any stumbling blocks in your way. Rather, they'll endure patiently, even lashings, secure in the holy ghost's love. They extend this love to the Corinthians, who are holding their love in their bowels. Seems as good a place as any. 

Finally, don't associate with non-Christians, because they might turn you evil.    

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