Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Daniel, Chapter 2: Dreamweaver

King Neb has a nightmare. He gathers all his prophets and sorcerers around him and tells them to interpret it. They point out that they need to know the contents to explain it, but the king is in a bad mood, so he petulantly tells them that if they can't work it out for themselves, he'll kill them all and turn their houses into a dunghill (v. 5). This goes on back and forth for awhile, until the king gets bored and orders them all killed, including Daniel.

Daniel asks to see the king before he's executed and for some reason the king agrees. He's clearly been watching Inception, because he's able to tell the king that he dreamed about a figure made out of gold and silver and other metals, which gets smashed by a stone, then blows away in the wind. The stone, meanwhile, becomes a mountain.

Can you figure out what this dream might mean? Can you? Because my kitten understood it, and she fell out the window twice last week. The figure in the dream is Neb. Each metal that makes up his body is less precious than the last, until the feet. Those cheap metals are the increasingly-inferior kings that will succeed him. The statue's feet are made of clay and iron, meaning the kingdom will be weak and strong. The smashing is the breaking up of his kingdom. The stone is not explained.

Neb is dumber than my kitten, because he falls down at Danny Boy's feet and starts worshipping him. Danny becomes the most powerful man in the universe.

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