Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1 Samuel, Chapter 1

Samuel's father Elkanah has two wives, Hannah and Peninnah. Peninnah has children, but even though Elkanah loves her more, Hannah is barren because of some divine pique or another. They take a yearly vacation to Shiloh to sacrifice, where Peninnah is nasty to Hannah about her lack of children. This always makes Hannah cry, and then she refuses to eat. Doesn't polygamy sound great?

Elkanah always tries to comfort her, but it's no use. One time, Hannah goes back to the temple after lunch to pray. She promises god that if he gives her a son, she'll raise him as a Nazarite, like Samson was. Will she also raise him with S&M fetishes and genocidal tendencies?

Eli the priest comes in and notices Hannah sitting there, but because she isn't speaking, only her lips are moving, he assumes she's drunk. He tells her to put the wine down and leave. I'm sure that happens now, but then? Really? Anyway, she says she isn't drunk, just sorrowful. He tells her to leave in peace and that god will surely grant her whatever she asked. Cheered, Hannah leaves and has some lunch.

In the morning, the family rises and prays, then goes home. Once there, Elkanah fucks his wife and she finally gets pregnant with Samuel.

The following year, Hannah doesn't go on the sacrificing holiday, saying she doesn't want to present Samuel to god until he's weaned, and possibly because it's the lamest family trip ever.

When he is weaned, she gathers some sacrificial material together and goes to the temple for her own ritual. She presents the child to Eli the priest.

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