Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Joshua, Chapters 13-19

The division of land in Canaan, according to tribe. Much better than reading this blog entry would be to mosey on over to The Brick Testament and visualize it. Trust me, you are not missing much.

Chapter 13

Joshua is getting old, which god rudely points out, then tells him to divide up the land by lot. The Reubenites and Gadites have already got their share in Jordan, and only half of Massaneh is here, the rest having also opted for Jordan. The rest of the chapter is the delineation of their territories.

Chapter 14

85 year old Caleb, the only other survivor of those 40 years in the desert, asks for, and receives, Hebron.

Chapter 15

The borders of Judah's territory are named. Caleb goes to Hebron and discovers a group of pesky Anakim, the giants that apparently did not die along with everything else in Noah's flood, though you'd never know it if you read Jerry Falwell's bible, living in the town of Debir. He offers his daughter as a reward to anyone who can conquer them. Othniel, one of his nephews, does it. As the girl is leaving, she asks for, and is granted, a field and some springs. We then get a 42-verse long list of the villages in Judah's territory that not even I am masochistic enough to read. In the last verse, we find out the Jebusites are still living in their territory, despite god's promise.

Chapter 16

The borders of Joseph's territory. We find out in the last verse that a tribe of Canaanites still lives in Gezer.

Chapter 17

The tribe of Manasseh gets its due. The daughters of Zelophehad, who wanted inheritance rights in Numbers, come back to ask for their fair share and get it. The children of Joseph complain about only getting one share, despite being a great people (v. 14), so Joshua tells them to conquer the Perizzites who are still on one of their mountains, and to cut down the trees, and promises they'll drive out the Canaanites, despite their iron chariots.

Chapter 18

The seven remaining tribes are told to go out and survey the land, which will be divided among them by lots. The draw is held in Shiloh. Then we get a description of Benjamin's territory. Joshua gets a city.

Chapter 19

The other tribes get their booty. The tribe of Dan doesn't get a big enough share, so they fight the people of Lesham for their territory and win.

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