Monday, July 7, 2014

The Wisdom of Solomon, Chapters 18 & 19: The madness of king Solomon

Chapter 18

God gives the Egyptians a burning column of fire to light their way, even though they should be shut up in a dark hole for kidnapping the Israelites. Next on the list of Egyptian atrocities is the decision to kill all the Israelite children. God saved the first victim and killed a bunch of Egyptian kids in response, which doesn't seem like justice, really.

Anyway, seeing all those Egyptian kids killed by god heartened the Israelites, because they knew they would get to heaven while their enemies would be destroyed. Meanwhile, they kept sacrificing in secret. Eventually, there are so many dead Egyptians there's no one left to bury them. Only then do they acknowledge that the Israelites' god is the one true god.

God leaves them alone for awhile, then starts visiting bad dreams on them. He also kills a bunch of Israelites in the desert, but not for long, and eventually they make it to Israel again.

Chapter 19

Back to the Egyptians, who quickly forget that the Israelites are the righteous and go out to enslave them again. So god drowns them in the Red Sea. Then there are frogs and flies and sea quails. Then suddenly there are Sodomites again, even though that city was destroyed in Genesis and this book is currently recounting the events in Exodus. Anyway, the Sodomites are inhospitable so god makes them blind. Then sea animals and land animals switch environments and fire and water switch physical properties.

Yeah, that whole book pretty much made no sense. Maybe by the time he wrote it, Solomon was suffering from dementia?

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