Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1 Esdras, Chapter 4: Wine versus Women

The second of our village idiots steps forward and points out that humans rule the sea and the land, but the king is like our boss and we do what he says, even if it's something stupid like going to war or busting up a mountain. If we win, we bring back the spoils for the king. Farmers don't fight, but they bring tribute to the king. But throughout all this, the king is just a dude and he eats and drinks and sleeps while his bodyguards watch over him round the clock. How is the king not the strongest?

Finally, the third guy steps forward to show how the driveway doesn't quite reach the street. His name is Zorobabel, which I am definitely going to call my students in secret when they do dimwitted things from now on. Anyway, his thesis is that women rule the world, because they give birth to kings and plant vineyards and sews. He also points out that being a rich man is pretty useless if you can't use your wealth to buy some poon, and that women have noted that men often love pretty women more than they love money. He points out that men leave their families and countries behind for women. They'll also do extremely foolhardy things like fight lions and go out robbing people at night so they can bring their ladies shiny baubles. Some men have even gone crazy or sold themselves into slavery. Many have died or sinned for the love of women. He does not point out that they are therefore entitled to things like birth control or hell, equal inheritance.

But then he veers into dangerous territory, pointing out the king's concubine, who is sitting next to him. She not only took the king's crown off his head and is wearing it, she slapped him across the face earlier. But the king is a smitten fool and thought it was funny.

The king had his advisers look at each other and realise the guy is telling the truth. But then they remember that god made all these things, and conclude they're all wicked and untrue and need to die. However, the truth will live forevermore. What the truth is at this point is anyone's guess, but the king invites this particular poster child for birth control to ask for even more than he did before and to sit next to him and be called cousin. All our himbo wants is for the king to remember his promise to rebuild Jerusalem.

Darius agrees and makes the necessary arrangements and writes protection orders for the Jews and expels the Edomites. He even donates money to the temple and for sacrifices and pensions for the caretakers. Zorobabel goes out and tells the other Jews, and they immediately declare a 7 day feast before they go home.

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